Last night, the group made it to Gloomwrought. Given that only a few of the PCs had been there before — though not the warlock performing the plane shift — the group knew it was in a bad way when they appeared in the Graveyard.

But there was business before they left.

Virtually none of the loot from the myriad story arcs had been distributed, so that occupied the first bit of the session. Once that was taken care of, the party decided Gloomwrought was the better destination.

They decided who would go.

Arasys, a 15th-level warlock, had the means to transport himself and eight others.

The party choose to being Morgran the cleric, Gayal the cultist, Akordia the paladin, Dox the shapeshifter, Darnek the fighter, Anat the ranger, Beni the rogue, and Rupert the priest.

While they prepared to leave, another group of PCs fended off an attack from the dark elves’ servants, the quaggoth. It threatened to be a vicious battle, but the group was well-equipped to handle them.

When the alpha team arrived in Gloomwrought’s Graveyard district, they were set upon immediately by creatures formed from animated tombstones. The ‘tombstone’ golems proved a relatively minor threat with Dox, Anat, and Arasys in the party. Akordia expended a fair bit of power smiting the golems with the Sunblade.

The party fled the Graveyard with ghouls snapping at their heels, but ultimately arrived safely at Arly’s Place, where they found the capable Lurch running the tavern in Arly’s absence.

There, we ended the evening.