I’ve been bad. I’ve neglected writing about our current campaign hijinks for nearly a month. But I’ve been busy. And tired. Sue me.

Last night we raided Valen’s Tower on one of the peaks of Celestia. We cleared half a dozen ankhegs out of the basement and disturbed Valen’s ghost. But not as much as he disturbed our gnome druid: she’s thirty years older now, after a frightful scare.

Valen’s ghost gave us a clue as to how we could find some of his choice dragon-slaying gear. Some nonsense about phases of the moon and water elementals.

Upstairs we killed a couple of basilisks with no casualties. We discovered a magic glaive and statues of six former adventurers. We resolved to come back when we could cast greater restoration, to free them. Why not?

Another floor up, we fought a chimera that was guarding a library. We beat it without too much difficulty: close quarters actually worked in our favor. The Ranger found the secret passage Valen’s ghost had hinted at. Inside was a clay golem.

Though we stood to lose potentially everyone in the fight with the golem, our fighter tanked like his life depended on it (it did) and we got through the battle with no casualties. This despite our terrible dice rolls. We still managed a win.

Behind the golem was a suit of red dragon scale armor and a dragon slayer longsword. (+3d6 damage versus dragons!)

On the roof we found some ogre gauntlets, so now our Ranger can benefit from the longsword (her strength had been 10 before). There was also like, 5k in gold coins. It turned out an amulet we found in the basement was a periapt of wound closure, and there was a ring of spell storing (also found in the basement).

Among the books we took from the library were some tomes of “vague hints about golem construction.”

All in all: good XP and good haul.