I’m going to need a new campaign page on the blog because the first one has gotten long in the tooth.

I think something classic along the lines of some of the early published modules: Against Vecna. Why not, right?

Last night played out the first of what will probably be one of a number of character conventions. Since it’s been several weeks, I did my best to lay out the problems before the group, and they discussed actions they might take.

One of the warlocks, whom Anat had recruited in the Feywild, suggested pursuing a lead on the Book of Vile Darkness in Gloomwrought. This idea was supported by the rest of the group, in part because a lot of their problems seemed to lead back to the Shadowfell.

While looting a library in the Feywild, Gayel had stumbled across a reference to the Book of Vile Darkness being in a keep belonging to one of the noble families of Gloomwrought. Morgran was notably among the characters who agreed to this plan — for science, of course.

One of the other topics of discussion was the acquisition of the yuan-ti transformation venom. The group talked about a few possibilities, such as charming their way past the yuan-ti, and capturing a few to interrogate.

The group resolved to create a task force (made primarily of stealthy characters) to infiltrate Silver Hollow. They didn’t have a mission per se, but infiltrating Silver Hollow was a course of action the entire group could agree was necessary — and a good idea.

To make sure we didn’t end the evening without a fight, we rolled up a random attack on a patrol outside the town.

Anat, Lorik, Morgran, Darnek, and Sharkbait were patrolling the town together, discussing what they encountered on their various side-treks as they were recruiting.

They were ambushed by a group of elite drow warriors who outflanked the party. The drow hit three characters (the cleric, the druid, and the fighter) with faerie fire, which made them obvious targets for attack.

Unfortunately, the cleric was also the closest character on that particular flank. Morgran went down in the first round, and stayed down throughout most of the fight.

Three-fifths of the party had poison resistance (as dwarves), though the druid couldn’t take advantage of his resistance while in wild-shape.

Anat rained arrows on the enemy while the group tried to figure out which of the drow was concentrating on the faerie fire spell. The group concentrated their fire to take down each drow as quickly as possible.

The fighter got taken down after the cleric, and soon after he received some healing, he went down again — this time one of the cruel dark elves finished him off before he could get back up.

Between whittling down the druid’s wild shape forms (one dinosaur after another), the drow kept knocking down the cleric and tried to put down Sharkbait.

Sharkbait, to his credit, scored several critical hits and tanked a fair bit of damage. He also taunted the drow to try and draw their fire off the others.

The druid eventually exhausted both of his wild shapes for the day, and got the drow who was maintaining the faerie fire spell. There were only four — but it figures that it was the FOURTH one they hit.

Morgran pulled a lucky death save and recovered a hit point The next turn he was able to get back on his feet, and then he was able to pull out a revivify spell — which brought Darnek back from the brink of death.

It was a harrowing fight, but the player’s victory was complete — they were all still alive and standing, and all the drow lay dead.