Friday’s game (two weeks ago) was pretty heavy.

Morgran’s is the final arc before the characters reunite.

So, Morgran appeared on the scene, ready to deliver his report on the events at Silver Hollow. He had arrived at mealtime, and his superiors offered him a seat at the Big Wigs table. Morgran declined the meal invitation.

It turned out, the Big Wigs knew about Silver Hollow, and called him back specifically to discuss the future.

Not just Morgran’s future, but the future of Ioun’s church.

It seemed an imminent attack on the Material Plane was forthcoming, and Ioun’s church knew enough to know they’d be gone before the attack hit.

Morgran had become the highest-level Cleric of Ioun (in the World) during his exploration of the Silver Pages Temple. Pretty weighty stuff.

Oh sure, there were other high-level characters devoted to Ioun — Headmaster Allandra among them (a 15th-level Wizard) — just not Clerics.

The high priest (who was himself a slightly lower-level Cleric than Morgran), explained the purpose behind the attack on Hestavar — a Thief known only as “Nightfox” had broken into Ioun’s tower and stolen the Jet Black Ioun Stone, Zehir’s artifact better known as The Assassin’s Stone.

The Assassin’s Stone was locked away in Ioun’s tower after (being pried from the cold, dead fingers of an assassin) it was last used to kill a god.

Not the worst news of the evening.

More unsettling was the rumor that the Temple of Silver Pages was taken over by someone claiming to be Trebarra Khan. Khan lived over a century ago and was notable for having (briefly) united the cults of Vecna and Zehir.

Khan was human, and was never known to have achieved undeath, so it’s likely someone else is using his name to make use of his reputation.

Because the nature of the enemy at Silver Pages is unknown, Morgran was recalled. While he was encouraged to renew his attempt to reclaim the ruin, he was warned to approach the situation carefully. At least until the truth was revealed.

The high priest told Morgran about Mauthereign — a fanatical lich dedicated to reassembling all the pieces of Vecna’s mortal body.

Mauthereign is known to lead an order of monks, and preaches that Vecna was actually an ascetic king and protector of mankind. It was suggested that Morgran turn his attentions on Mauthereign before returning to Silver Pages.

Finally, the high priest told Morgran that an army of undead was coming for the temple. He would need to leave quickly to avoid the approaching army, and that there was nothing he could do. Morgran would soon be the last Cleric of Ioun.

The group had one encounter that night: they were attacked on the road by a drider. Two of the new 1st-level PCs were killed in the fight (a Paladin and a Bard), and both players quickly rolled up Barbarians jump back into the fight.