Last Tuesday saw the conclusion of Lorik’s sidequest.

After defeating the char-goyles guarding the evil-looking tower, the party made their way inside and upstairs. The interior of the tower was decorated with demonic carvings. The second floor contained an arcane laboratory.

The group continued quickly up to the third floor, where they heard ominous chanting — but only after the Warlock scouted it out with his familiar.

Ascending to the tower’s third floor — which was mostly one, large room — the party happened upon a dark ritual. Vecna’s followers droned a fell incantation — and were so enthralled they didn’t raise a hand to defend themselves.

Once the party slaughtered sixteen droning cultists, they confronted Zrixyss — the rakshasa they met in Hestavar — on the roof of the tower. The fiend taunted the party, who quickly dispatched him thanks to Lorik’s wild shape.

While the death of the rakshasa heralded the blue sky’s return, the party was filled with existential dread — they felt the healing power of their Hit Dice draining away. Only time will tell if the curse can be reversed.

The only clue was a silver mask Zrixyss had been wearing when he died.

Tonight, we begin the final chapter before the party’s fateful return to the dungeon — several weeks have passed since the PCs fled Silver Hollow.

What awaits them in the yuan-ti infested town?