To date, our group has completed three (and a half) of five planned story arcs, each one centered around a PC from the group that raided Fort Sungard.

The Storming of Fort Sungard
Big Trouble in Little Hestavar
Storming of Fort Sungard Part 1 / Part 2
Twelve Angry Ghosts
Showdown in Sungard

In this arc, the PCs learned that followers of Vecna have directly assaulted Hestavar. Further, a rakshasa called Zrixyss hired a group of mercenaries to shadow the party and hinder their acquisition of the Sun Blade.

Darnek the Fighter’s Arc (Fallcrest)
The Sun God’s Boon
Return to the Nentir Vale Part 1 / Part 2
Let My PCs Go
Lair of the War-bolds

In this arc, the PCs learned that Venger was involved in a slave ring targeting elves. Several prominent heroes of the Nentir Vale (Gunter, Dave, King Zane) abandoned their duties and vanished for unknown reasons.

Anat the Ranger’s Arc (the Feywild)
Product Not As Advertised
There Otyugh Be A Law
The Trouble With Troglodytes
One Giant Leap Fomorians

In this arc, the PCs learned that the fomorians have stepped up their campaign against the gnomish kingdom in the Feywild, and that widespread factionalism (encouraged by the queen gnome) is tearing the empire apart.

Akordia the Paladin’s Arc (White Cliff, Raven’s Eyrie)
Academical Undesirables
– The Druid Stonewall
– I’ve Gotta Scarecrow
– The Three Sandwich Solution

In this arc, the PCs learned that Raven’s Eyrie (an outpost devoted to the Raven Queen) was covered in magical plants and placed under guard by a druid circle. The Raven Queen’s prophet died, leaving Akordia as her successor.

Lorik the Druid’s Arc (barbarian highlands)
So We Walked Into Mordor
Field of Broken Dreams
The Head of the Tiger

In this arc, the PCs defeated (and perma-killed) the rakshasa Zrixyss — but at a terrible cost: their Hit Dice (healing surges) can no longer be used to restore hit points. How or why this is, they do not know.

I’ll update this post, possibly re-post it when there’s more to say.