I had a hard time choosing between this and, “Bright Early One Mordor.”

I’ve fallen quite a bit behind in my play reports, so this will have to be an abbreviated one to cover the last three weeks.

Three weeks ago, the Paladin (Akordia) et al encountered a group of scarecrows hunting harpies in the area outside of Raven’s Eyrie. They helped the scarecrows shoot down the harpies with minimal problems (the Bard spent a couple rounds following the birdies), and even recruited them to the cause!

I believe the second half of the evening was occupied by a single encounter with NPCs that resulted in the loss of one scarecrow. My notes are sadly lacking.

Two weeks ago, the party was ambushed by dire wolves (they’re like regular wolves, but dire), and felled the beasts without casualties. They then faced three cyclopes in quick succession — and lost two of their scarecrow companions.

They scored some decent loot from the cyclopes, at least.

Anyway, that rounded out the Paladin’s side trek (and three PCs hit 4th level), so last week we started into the penultimate side trek — the Druid’s (Lorik) path.

And here actually, I feel like I have the least to say.

All our players have gotten the character creation and introduction process pretty well down, so we have everyone rolled up and jumping aboard before I had really so much as finished describing the scenario.

There was no lengthy debate. No haggling for cuts of treasure.

Lorik the druid was joined by, another druid (Atala), by a half-orc Barbarian called, “It’s John Cena!” (my wife’s second PC whose name is pronounced with punctuation), Orianna the tiefling ranger, and Raiser the warlock.

Due in part to the hilarity that ensued, I’m inclined to start a tradition of future barbarians in our group all being named for professional wrestlers.

So, Lorik wanted to call upon the barbarian tribes in the North for any volunteers — and he got at least one barbarian (and another druid!). As the party trekked down the mountain, the sky as they knew it — changed dramatically.

Orange and angry-looking, with no sun and no horizon in sight.

With nowhere to turn, the group stuck to the road. They were eventually confronted by three bearded devils, looking for prizes for “Sizzlorr.”

Though Atala took a grievous wound from one of the devils’ cursed blades, everyone made it out of the fight in one piece.