It’s been two weeks now, so if I don’t hurry it up this won’t get written.

Anat’s side-trek was starting to get long in the tooth and I sensed that things needed to come to some kind of conclusion, for better or worse. The party failed to defeat the fomorian, hadn’t found the Prince, and lost a PC in the process.

When the party limped back to town, they found a helpful cleric by the name of Rupert who could revive the Fighter. He talked with Anat while he assembled the components for a raise dead spell, and they got on pretty well.

In fact, he had a few choice things to say about the empress.

Once the party was under way again, it wasn’t long before they hit an encounter. I was finally implementing my “agenda” table the way I’d hoped to — and it led to some very interesting situations.

The group was approached by a fire giant who attempted to ask them if they had seen any other giants. After some awkward grunts and body language were exchanged, a cloud giant materialized out of a fog and challenged the fire giant.

Perhaps wisely, the PCs decided not to choose sides and opted to circumvent the battle, lest they become caught up in it.

The fight was over in a few rounds, with the cloud giant the victor. Since he could speak the party’s language, he offered them the fire giant’s belt (a belt of giant strength) as a reward for “distracting” the fire giant.

Back on the road, the party soon encountered a gaggle of babbling frog-men who bolted at the first sight of the PCs. The PCs chose not to pursue them, for reasons which were never . . . really voiced. It was a silent consensus.

The group next met a stone giant on the road, who carried a small storefront on his back. He approached them, all smiles, placed the storefront before them, and gestured to his wares. The Sorcerer purchased two fine daggers and convinced the giant to take her word to her family’s credit.

We concluded the session with a big NPC encounter. A group of Startlingly Familiar NPCs(tm) led a pair of ogres in an attack on the group. Victoria was there, and bolted soon after she recognized Anat. Pearl was nowhere to be seen.

It was the only actual “fight” of the night, since the encounter with the giants earlier didn’t directly involve the PCs. In the end, the party put two ogres, a warlock, and a dark elf to the sword. The other NPCs all fled.

Nearby, the group found the Missing Prince trussed up behind a rock. By sheer coincidence, they’d encountered the group transporting the Prince between fomorian lairs. They hustled back to town with the Prince in tow.

Taking Rupert’s advice from earlier, the group decided it was time to abandon the Feywild for the *ahem* “greener pastures” of the material plane, and accepted a plane shift from him, to the rendezvous point at Fort Sungard.