The Ranger decided she didn’t want to purchase the house and estate after the group cleared it of monsters. I’m a little disappointed, but it happens. Hard to design around a screaming floor I suppose.

The Sorcerer’s well-to-do family approached her about buying it instead, and offered her a percentage for her Right of First Refusal. (Adventurers’ Rights.)

She accepted.

It all happened so fast though, the group realized there was still loot. So they trekked back for the uh, “Pre-Fire Sale.” Or as the Fighter’s player likes to periodically remind our group, “pillage, then burn.”

(From “The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries”)

When the group approached the estate, they noticed activity in a freestanding chapel near the main house. They investigated and found a cultist in the middle of a summoning. They put a stop to that right-quick, but not quick enough.

An otyugh burst out of the summoner’s corpse and grabbed the Fighter. The Fighter cut himself free and the Cleric closed to engage, but that left a clear path to the group’s back row. The otyugh charged the Sorcerer and nearly devoured her.

After dispatching the otyugh (the battle was anticlimactic), the group searched the chapel. Mere moments after defeating the otyugh, the group was set upon by a band of troglodytes led by NPCs — a human, a dark elf, and a tiefling.

Despite initially overwhelming the party, the NPCs soon began a retreat.

The Warlock was near-fatally wounded but made a quick recovery (thanks to the Cleric), and pursued the fleeing NPC Fighter (alone) into the graveyard. He was ambushed by the NPC, who dumped him into an open grave and fled.

The Ranger chased the dark elf, who’d fled out an open window. Quite by accident, she landed on the elf (who’d been hiding below the sill), and put two arrows in ‘im for good measure. (There’s no kill like overkill.)

The Fighter, Cleric, and Sorcerer ran after the tiefling, but lost him at the treeline. He’d had a round or two head-start, but it put them in a good position to find the Warlock in the grave before he bled out. Good times.

Finally re-entering the estate proper, the party was attacked by an ettin (which had taken up in the library), and ambushed by a second from the workshop across the hallway. The Sorcerer and Warlock had another close brush with death.

Once the group emptied the library of its remaining volumes, they beat a hasty retreat back to town and said ‘good riddance’ to the cursed estate.