We wrapped up the first “side-story” with Darnek two weeks ago. The group freed up enough of Lord Malarkey’s men to secure an escort to the meetup site.

So the players rolled up new characters for the second side-story, following Anat the Ranger. Cookiemonger wanted an opportunity to marry and secure her character’s dynasty, and Anat is a gnome.

Most gnomes live in the Feywild, so that’s where she went.

Anat arrived in time to witness a very Flash Gordon-esque court scene: though she initially encountered the other characters (Cleric, Fighter, Sorcerer, Warlock) milling about outside, once their retinue arrived everyone went inside.

Our new Warlock was enthralled by a mind flayer and serving as an attendant. The Cleric was a hermit who had some doom-saying to do. The Fighter was the Sorcerer’s bodyguard, and the Sorcerer was a noble in the court.

Inside, various groups of demihumans offered tribute to a gnome empress — elves and drow, duergar, hobgoblins, yuan-ti, and a mind flayer were present.

The mind flayer made an attempt on the empress (really, you’d think mind blast would count for more) and she destroyed him. I would’ve linked to the Flash Gordon scene on YouTube, but it was nowhere to be found.

Anat introduced herself to the court, the Warlock was no longer enthralled, and everyone got off on the same foot. It was nice.

To try and get people on her side, Anat decided she’d try her hand at land ownership in the Feywild. Something to impress a nice prince with or something. She got a lead on an estate overrun by goblins. She brought her new friends.

Things were pretty freaky at first.

No goblins could be seen or heard, but once the group got farther into the house it started screaming at them. Well, the floor did anyway.

I couldn’t find a video drop of the screaming floor from Eternal Darkness, so you’ll just have to imagine screaming faces appearing in the floor.

In a throne room-like room, the group found some grotesque tapestries. Killing fields and planes of hell kind of stuff. A passage behind one of the tapestries led them down a staircase decorated with stone tentacles. Fun!

At the bottom: nothing! Crates and barrels and stuff.

Something was definitely wrong.

When the party made their way back up through the throne room, stuff had changed. The imagery in the stairwell was less spooky. The tapestries had ‘reverted’ to something more benign. The floor had gone quiet.

Too quiet.

In the chamber beyond, they found three dead goblins. Just lying there. In the passage they had already traveled through. Which had been empty. Now it had three dead goblins with empty, dripping skulls. Not ominous at all. Nope.

Beyond that chamber however, the group finally found some goblins for killing. They made relatively short work of seven goblins, but uh, the eighth goblin was eaten by a door while escaping. Thus began a fight with a mimic.

The group encountered another bunch of goblins . . . this time with a worg-mounted “goblin boss” and wiped the floors with them.

On the whole, not a very difficult crawl.

They looted the library of spooky books, and took stuff the mimic hoarded.