I ran a 3e campaign via Skype from February to October in 2008. I created a wiki to track information related to the game and pass notes.

We began the first session with a test of combat using a webcam suspended over the battlemap. I believe we tried this two or three times before we gave up.

It was too difficult to make things visible, and one of our players (in Germany) couldn’t view the map anyway. I don’t remember what we used for dice rolls.

After defeating a gang of “bugbear pirates” who had boarded their ship, the group decided to enslave the bugbears rather than slay them. I think I cut off the discussion because the pirates “weren’t supposed to be real” to begin with, which was a poor choice in retrospect. It was a frustrating fight.

One of the bugbears had rolled a critical failure and stabbed himself in the eye patch with his hook hand. The Monk tried and failed to deliver a coup de grace to one of the bugbears. I was eager to wipe the slate clean.

The “proper” beginning of the campaign was an extended prologue about how the PCs “got the job.” In retrospect, it was an excuse to put them on a boat because I planned to shipwreck them.

If I were to do it again, I’d start the game with the shipwreck.

Instead, at the close of the prologue the ship was met by a “pleasure yacht,” and they pulled alongside one another. The PCs joined in the revelry until they were led below deck and attacked by cultists who planned to sacrifice them.

Several cultists acted as human shields to protect their leader, and burst into flames upon being slain — sloughing their skin and joining the battle as burning skeletons. The cult leader revealed himself to be a hideous tentacled monster.

He chewed through the ship hull attacking the party, and they barely got above deck as the ship began sinking. Their own ship had been set adrift and was too far to reach, so they assembled parts of the ship in a makeshift raft.

The Monk had fallen unconscious during the fight, and just as the party thought they were safe the tentacled horror attacked one more time. The Barbarian smote it with his axe, and the creature sank into the depths.

By the next morning, the party’s raft had drifted to a strange island.

We ended the session there.