I’m not sure how to really respond to this.

I kind of have an idea. Originally it started as a list of my first thoughts.

– [sarcasm] Yay?

– Is Final Fantasy 7 relevant?

– [sarcasm] Heh, look how fast they rolled that out after being boo’d for showing that preview of the PC port.

– Who are these other characters? Is this going to be like FF12 or 13 with all the extraneous characters getting in the way of the “real” protagonist?

– [sarcasm] Oh great, remaking the game like this is just going to underscore how linear the game was.

– Is that Kingdom Hearts-esque gameplay?

– Oh, those are probably the other members of Avalanche talking. Who even remembers those guys after like, 20 years?

(FF7 released in 1997, anniversary is next year.)

– You know, as much as people claimed to want a remake of FF7, this is a terrible idea. I don’t care how many people buy it. This is a terrible idea.

– Has it been 20 years since this game released? I’m old.

I’ll leave you with this:

Never go back, kids.