I did that math I was talking about.

Based on the average number of hoards a group of characters is expected to recover throughout a campaign, the probability of finding items from a particular table, and the average number of magic items per hoard.

A 5e party can reasonably expect to find:
– 20 items from table A
– 18 items from table B
– 17 items from table C
– 15 items from table D
– 7 items from table E
– 10 items from table F
– 7 items from table G
– 6 items from table H
– 5 items from table I

These are the numbers for their entire career.

I rounded up to one when the probability was less than one, but the idea here is to pre-roll all the magic items you’ll then assign to the hoards throughout the campaign. Looking items up in the middle of a session wastes time.

No, no. If you can, make sure you have the items you want to hand out ahead of time. Pick ’em if you want to, or roll ’em up. I’d actually recommend rolling plenty more than just these numbers, because probability and duh.

If you wanted to, you could roll up the magic items and use them as the basis for the history of your campaign setting. Those Table-I items are bound to have helped shaped the region. Especially an item like the Well of Many Worlds.