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The week that was . . . last week. I read a lot of blogs, some of which were actually related to gaming! In the background, a lot of my reading was about monsters, because I am working on my Cornerstones project.

So yeah. This week we have stuff! Craven characters, designing and using elementals, guns for your 5e campaign, worms for the ages, and a method for straightforward village generation. Good times!

Bang bang. Shoot shoot.: Firearms for 5e

by Quinn, from the blog Dungeon Hacking.

Guns. Lots of guns. Does your 5e campaign need firearms? Check out this extensive list of firearms statted up for use in 5e. Obtain proficiency with firearms as weapons or tools. Have a plan to kill everyone you know.

The Nomenclature of Elementals & Finding Design Space

by Phil, from the blog Tales of a GM.

I had a nice conversation with Phil earlier this week in the comments section of this post. It covers the ecology of, and the many types of elementals you might use in a game. Useful notes for designing and implementing elementals.

Dungeon Crawl Cowards

by Alex, from the blog Cirsova.

Part recap, part reflection, Alex shares some of his insights from a recent session of the DCC RPG. What is it that makes some players hurl themselves into danger, while others shove their fellows into whirling blade traps?

Cirsova Issue # 1 Line-up Announcement + Other Updates

by Alex, also from the blog Cirsova.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in selling some artwork to a neopulp SFF zine, Cirsova is looking for submissions! Make sure to check the site for all the particulars. Alex is looking for some cover art right now.

4Ward/FrankenFourth: Age of Worms, Episode 102

by David Guyll, from the blog Points of Light.

An engaging play report of a 4e-adapted Age of Worms campaign. AoW is one of my favorite adventure paths in terms of tone and setting — one that I hope to run (or play) myself someday. Make sure to read the design notes!

Give Your Village Meaning and Purpose

by Marty Walser, from the blog Raging Owlbear.

People settle into villages for a lot of reasons, but the ones that matter to players usually involve “what can these people do for me?” Walser gives us a 3-step process to determine the industry and features of your next hamlet.


I’m not the best campaign chronicler, but I try. This last week I caught up the previous several weeks of my ongoing 5e campaign, in which I play an evil necromancer. I also wrote about treasure in 5e D&D.

Put Your Best Loot Forward by dither, from Rumors of War. The post in which I did the math I talked about from the previous post — I went ahead and figured out the average number of magic items a party should find throughout their adventure career. A numbers post.

Hoards of 5e Treasure Hoards by dither, from Rumors of War. I looked at the numbers behind loot assignment, partly in response to some of our crazy loots from our 5e campaign. I learned some things, and my reading raised more questions. Math questions.

5e Just Last Week by dither, from Rumors of War. We fought some cannibals and staked some vampires, and we got a lot of treasure. I mean like, a lot, a lot of treasure. We’re gearing up for HydraFest, which will happen . . . someday.

5e the Week Before Last by dither, from Rumors of War. Our group faced down an iron golem after a long chase, some traps, a quick trip to the library, and some cannibals. We’re nearly done with the first floor of the dungeon!