Make a Knowledge (Local) check to learn more about legends, personalities, inhabitants, laws, customs, traditions, and humanoids.

I read a lot. Sometimes I even read about games (which is arguably the focus of this blog). Here is a sampling of blogs I read this last week!

Special mention goes to the 6d6 RPG blog. They are currently running a Kickstarter — already running victory laps, go check it out! — for a Greek Mythology supplement to their 6d6 system.

The 6d6 RPG first got my attention when they announced that funding above and beyond their goals would be used to commission RPG art that would be released under a Creative Commons license.

I’m impressed by what this group has done for the design community!

6 Random Dungeon Rooms VI

by Steven M, from the blog The Lair.

Here’s a series of six rooms with some interesting quirks. Every lock has a key, and sometimes you really need to use your head. Sometimes you really need to use someone else’s. Head. Check out the other entries in this series!

One Table to Rule Them All

by Eric Diaz, from the blog Methods & Madness.

I like math, and while I’ll keep my d20s, I’m interested to see where One Table to Rule Them All is going. 2d6 (and 3d6) tables are growing up me, and I like some of the applications here that prefer bell curves over flattened odds.

Four Years and All You’ll Get Is Some Musings About Blogging and Pictures?

by Jens D, from the blog The Disoriented Ranger.

The Disoriented Ranger is four years old! Stop by and leave Jens D. a cheery message. Be sure to check out some of the other content, I was recently drawn to Church Hierarchies and Monster Territories series in the archives.

New Background – Raised By Animals

by James Introcaso, from the blog The World Builder.

Have you ever wondered if the halfling rogue in your party was raised by wolves? Well, with this background for 5e, he might be. Make sure to check out Introcaso’s other custom backgrounds. My favorite is “Dead.”

Beard Magic: All Beards Are Magical But Some Are More Magical Than Others

by Alasdair Cunningham, from the blog Iron Rations.

Beards are big these days, and I’m not just talking volume. If you haven’t yet seen the Dollar Beard Club commercial (and you’re a fan of the Old Spice memetastic commercials), you owe it to yourself to check it out. Come back when you’re done and peruse this fine selection of unique “beard effects.”

The Pillar of Fire

by Arnold K, from the blog Goblin Punch.

This fantastic location is hot, and it’s inspired by a real hellhole. For one day out of the year, instead of providing an inexpensive avenue for burnt offerings to the gods, it goes all the way to hell. Consult your cleric before use.


I didn’t post an update for our ongoing campaign this week. As you might have surmised from my lineup last week, I sometimes skip a week between updates. It’s a character fla- I mean, it’s to build anticipation for the next update.

Encounter Table, Assemble! by dither, from Rumors of War. Outlined here are the basics of Cornerstones. I talked about my hopes for the project and I discussed their potential applications. This is a “big picture” kind of post.

Cannibals, Cultists, and Slavers by dither, from Rumors of War. A post in which I talk about the middle of an encounter table — it’s important to get started on the right foot! Also, when you don’t know what humans to make your villains, I provide you with some basics. (Hint: three of them are in the title.)

Big Piles of Money by dither, from Rumors of War. Wherein I talk about handing out treasure in a slow trickle versus a big flood. I also talk about video games, and look at some of the intrinsic rewards of roleplaying. In the end, I think it all comes down to convenience.

Beasts and Novelty Monsters by dither, from Rumors of War. Before continuing the discussion of Cornerstones, I think it’s important to put this particular bugbear to rest. Well, the bugs and the bears. The bugbears can stay. That’s the point of the article. It’s the bugbears . . . maybe you should just read it.