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I read a lot. Sometimes I even read about games (which is arguably the focus of this blog). Here is a sampling of blogs I read this last week!

Class, Multi-Class, Race, and Holmes

by JB, from the blog B/X Blackrazor.

Elves, dwarves, and halflings aren’t races, they’re different species. Of course they don’t have the same values as humans, and don’t necessarily take to classes the same way. That’s some of the thinking behind “race-as-class,” and if you aren’t familiar with it, perhaps it’s time you became acquainted!

Backstory: How Much Is Too Much? Or Enough?

by Black Campbell, from the blog The Black Campbell.

Have you ever had a DM slap a campaign bible down in front of you before you were even allowed to roll up your character? There’s some question as to how necessary the things are (if they’re needed at all).

The Peril of 1st Level

by Prince Marik, from the blog Brighton Roleplayers.

Play report from the first session of a new campaign. Scouts do not make good front-line fighters. A valiant effort, naturally. But we know how it ends.

Musings about Longevity of Sentient Beings

by Jens D, from the blog The Disoriented Ranger.

Immortal beings are . . . complicated, and the rules for running them don’t always make a lot of sense. Worse still, when some of them are capable of time travel (or practically require it), you can find yourself with a pile of paradoxes.

(Paradoxa? Paradoxi? Paradoxen?)

The Dungeon Comes Alive in the Mythic Underworld

by DM David, from the blog DM David.

The calls are coming from inside the dungeon.

When PCs Kill the Final Boss Too Soon

by Ameron, from the blog Dungeon’s Master.

A throwback to a post from in June 2013: what to do when the players kill a major villain before the climax of the adventure?

Shadows Over Elsir Vale – House Rules

by Cody Connelly, from the blog Dungeons Deep & Caverns Old.

I like lists of house rules, because I’m interested in the thinking that goes into them. Connelly has a list of house rules for an upcoming 5e campaign.


Lots of campaign updates this week! Now you can read about HydraFest and the events that led up to it!

Campaign Page: Vecna’s Fifth by dither, from Rumors of War. I finally added a page for the campaign. Now you can read about the whole thing!

What Happened At HydraFest by dither, from Rumors of War. This is a long one, an awful lot of things happened in this session.

Big Trouble In Little Hestavar by dither, from Rumors of War. Audiences with deities don’t happen often, and it’s important to relish them when they occur.