It’s an open secret that our campaign’s Big Bad is Vecna.

I bring this up partly because I added a new page for the campaign, which can be found under Games > D&D 5e/Next > Vecna’s Fifth (2015).

I’m also bringing it up because starting Tuesday, I’ll be taking over as DM until like, February. So updates might be more sparse, or more informative.

It can be difficult to predict.

Now, I’ll briefly summarize the events from two weeks ago: we fought a bunch of white dragons. But let me back up a bit.

First, it’s important to note that when we cleared out the first floor of the dungeon, we stumbled upon a Hammer of Thunderbolts. I know what you might be thinking, and yeah the treasure is too good for our level.

It’s being taken care of, no worries.

Anyway, to use the Hammer, our Fighter wanted the Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a Belt of Giant Strength. We didn’t have either. Usually you find those first.

What we did find though, was a Luck Blade.

Yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking. It’s also being taken care of, almost by the same action. I encouraged our Fighter to wish for a portal to find the two items he was seeking. We all followed him to a white dragon’s lair.

We were ambushed by four white dragon wyrmlings.

Actually, the wyrmlings proved tough enough that our Rogue henchman nearly died. It was pretty close. As soon as we finished off the babies though, Mommy Adult White Dragon (CR 13) showed up. That was an intense fight.

My Necromancer was able to really contribute to this fight, seeing as we had also acquired a Staff of the Magi. Okay, look. You know I know it sounds ridiculous. We’re only 7th level. It’s being taken care of!

The thing is, our powerful magic gear got us into the mess and got us back out of the mess. If not for the Hammer, we wouldn’t have been up on that mountain. Without the Staff, we wouldn’t have made it back down alive.

Anyway, that’s when the Ancient White Dragon showed up.

Between my conjured earth elemental, a half dozen-odd lightning bolts and fireballs, I was probably pulling out about forty damage per round. It cost me almost every charge in the Staff.

We took about two rounds to kill the Adult; three for the Ancient.

And then there was more loot. So much loot! Honestly, at that point each of our characters was so laden with magic gear we set aside items specifically to be used as awards at HydraFest. That’s part of how we’re dealing with it.

But HydraFest, I realized, needs its own post.