Tuesday, our group arrived in Hestavar to appeal to Pelor on behalf of the people in Silver Hollow. There was this whole thing, people turning into tainted ones.

Generally . . . not good.

We also introduced two new characters to the party: Akordia, a shadar-kai priest of the Raven Queen that another adventuring party had worked with in a prior campaign, and Darnek, a soldier in Gloomwrought’s former Deathless Watch.

The city had received some damage since the party’s last visit . . . smoke could be seen rising from one of the Bright City’s busier mercantile districts.

The party learned from a local the city had come under attack from a group of evil adventurers, who laid waste to an area of the Silver Tankard. Though compelled to investigate the destruction, a local warned them against doing so.

Something about being heavily-armed adventurers walking into an area recently devastated by heavily-armed adventurers might cause some problems.

The party stuck to their purpose, then — and traveled directly to the golden palace where Pelor and Erathis held court. Approaching the throne, they were granted an audience to plead their case before the god of the Sun.

Things did not exactly go . . . well.

As the party pleaded their case, a rakshasa (later identified as Zrixyss, a fiend ambassador from the City of Brass) spoke out against them, denying that Vecna had any part in the events at Silver Hollow.

The Ranger followed Zrixyss when he stormed out of court.

Pelor was unable to directly intervene in Silver Hollow because the tragedy had occurred due to the party’s associations. He was however, in a position to offer the party a boon if they completed a quest for him.

The Sun god asked the party to recover a Sun Blade, lost in the fall of Fort Sungard in the mountains overlooking their home region. Arrangements were made for the party to plane-shift three days thence.

Also, by some coincidence, it seemed the local the party had spoken to earlier was the goddess Erathis . . . she had warned the party against investigating the Silver Tankard district so soon after the event.

After tailing Zrixyss a ways, the rakshasa took notice of the Ranger and used his authority to have her detained, to her chagrin.

In the three days before they were due to shift back to the Material Plane, the party purchased armor and equipment for the trip. As they went to retrieve the armor, they were met by a group of azers and dwarves.

With only a few of the party present (experienced Cleric, accompanied by 1st-level Fighter and Paladin), they opted to negotiate with the leaders of the band — and quickly discerned the group was looking to join-up for the quest.

The encounter ended peacefully, and with nearly a dozen henchmen signing on to accompany the party on their raid of Fort Sungard.

Later that day (whatever that means in a city of perpetual daytime), the party plane-shifted to just outside of Fort Sungard — it was in the pre-dawn hours of the day when they arrived. Yeah, the time is kind of weird.

In the intervening time, the Ranger began a smear campaign against Zrixyss for having her tossed out of heaven . . . And the Druid received an anonymous tip about the nature of the attack on the Silver Tankard.