Last week, we wanted to make sure a corner of the dungeon was clear.

It was a storeroom. Kind of disappointing. I remember looking at the map, balking at the contents of the room relative to the room’s position in the dungeon, and so I suggested we search for secret passages.

And we found one.

A mile-long passage that led out of the dungeon.

Well, first it led out into a cellar full of crates. The staircase had rotted away (but strangely not the equally wooden crates), and we wanted to pile up the crates to reach the door. Good thing we thought to check the contents first.

Magic gunpowder in one box. Bombs in the other. Big bombs.

Big bada bombs. Bada big bombs.

So the bombs are big. Moving on. We emptied one box for our Fighter to stand on, and he hoisted our Ranger up to take a look at the door. Our Ranger had the best Dexterity in case of traps, so it seemed like a good plan.

And there was a trap. A flame trap. On the door to a munitions room.

We managed to avoid burning anyway (Rangers with high Dexterity and all), and managed not to blow ourselves up in the process. We piled out of the secret bomb cellar into a ruined lighthouse. Mostly now a pile of stones.

It may have been the Fighter, or it may have been all of us, who wanted to test the potential of the black magic powder bombs, so we lugged one down to the shore of an enormous lake, dug a hole for it and lit the fuse.

I get it.

Our shenanigans woke the hydra.

A four-headed hydra (retroactively named “Nessie”) lumbered onto the shore from the lake and attacked our group. We lamented the missed opportunity to blow it up with a bomb. But hey, it was a fight.

Despite the thing being a CR 8, our group of five (plus five henchmen) managed to not only dispatch the thing without casualties, but also without sustaining much in the way of damage at all.

Only our Druid took a hit — though it was enough to knock him out of wild shape — and he recovered from that quickly enough to stay in the fight. It finally died.


Being the clever-pants we are, we decided to look for the hydra’s lair. We figured it must have been nearby when it heard the explosion, so we were either near its lair or it was wandering at the time.

Our Druid wild shaped into a water snake to look for an underwater lair. The rest of the party jogged back to the town to recruit some guys to haul the hydra carcass back to town. Them’s good eats. (It wasn’t a venomous hydra.)

The Druid hit the jackpot.

After we sent our new hires off with the carcass, we took a couple minutes to figure out how long we could all hold our breath. Turns out that with our Constitution scores, it’s like three minutes apiece.

The Cleric and my henchmen stayed to watch the shore while my unarmored (decent Constitution) Wizard, the Druid, and the Ranger swam beneath the surface to the lair. Inside we found loot. Glorious loot.

Also a ton of skeletal remains.

There was a magic suit of leather armor, a mace of disruption, another magic weapon armor I think, and an elephant figurine of wondrous power.

An elephant.

We were keen to level though, and we’d received a lot of experience from the fight with the hydra. So the GM figured for a sequel fight — but this time with more hydra. There was one thing he hadn’t counted on though.

Our new elephant was faster than the hydras.

As soon as the hydras broke the surface, our group piled on the back of the elephant with the Fighter driving. We circled the hydras, pelting them with arrows and spells. In less than a minute of fighting, we felled both hydras.

We used the elephant to drag the two hydra corpses back to the town, and to start planning “HydraFest.” Our Cleric put a Gentle Repose on the carcasses to keep them from rotting before we can attract enough participants.