I might not talk about it again before the end of the month.

It took me the better part of three weeks to sit down to begin rewriting all the text I originally compiled from across the 3e SRD. I wasn’t idle the rest of that time. I was making plans. Also, I was reading. I did that more actually.

Also some writing. But I’m getting off-topic.

Yesterday I started hacking 3surgence from the rules I collected from the 3e SRD. I have some ideas about how I want to organize the book, and what all’s going into it when it’s done. There’s this magic thing I want to do.

I don’t want to put all the “wizard specialists” in one book.

Maybe it’s ’cause I started with 3e, but I really like all the schools of magic. I want to give each one of them its own context. Plus, it’s hard to come up with new d4 classes. (Kidding.) But each school does stuff differently. I want to address that.

In the in-between time, I decided that part of what I liked about 3e (character options) was also part of its problem — a problem that was carried forward into 4e, and farther still into 5e (this in spite of cropping feats out of the game).

Here are a few things I’ve settled on in the meantime:
– Race as class
– *Individual XP tables (forgot this one before)
– d4 Thieves (nicknamed the “JeffRogue”)
– Procedures instead of a “skill system”
– Wizards “one spell per level”
– XP for treasure
– Silver economy
– 5e “Hoards” and 4e “Parcels”
– My “Trades system”
– My “social classes” (sectors)
– EotE Obligations
– 4e “bloodied” hit points
– Death at 0 hit points
– No critical hits
– Massive falling damage
– 5e “ability saves”
– LFP/SWN Encumbrance
– My region generator (if I have time)
– CR system (for GM reference)
– My “creature types”
– My Cornerstones (if I have time)
– My 360 Locations (if I have time)
– Domain game (if I have time)

There’s other stuff too. That’s all what came to mind, plus what I sat here and thought about so that I might have a list long enough to be worth listing.

A big chunk of the “maybe stuff” is sandbox generation material.