I’ve made about ten faction rosters now.

After about five or six of them, I was distressed by some of the patterns I was seeing. I mean, most of them were “fighter guilds,” which is cool.

It’s honestly what I expected.

But I wanted more diversity in the classes I was seeing. Fighter is a great fallback. Having proficiency with all the best armor is a great fallback. It really is. But as much as I hate monks, there was no call for them.

So I revised my procedures.

It was also a pity that druids literally never showed up. I love to hate on druids too. Between druids and monks, I’m really not sure which one I hate the most.

My hatred of the druid class is mostly irrational. Mostly.

But I needed something more substantial. A better reason why they weren’t showing up in my rosters. Something ability-based. Or alignment-based, I mean I’ll go with either one now as a reason. I just needed something more.

So! Here’s my current procedure:
– Charisma 15+ sorcerer
– Intelligence 15+ wizard
– Wisdom 15+ cleric
– Dexterity 15+ ranger
– Charisma 13-14 bard
– Intelligence 13-14 rogue
– Wisdom 13-14 druid

Of the remaining characters:
– Good become paladins
– Lawful become monks
– Chaotic become barbarians
– Neutral or Evil become fighters

My main issue with this is of course, that the only fighters in factions will be neutral or evil, but I wouldn’t have made the call if it didn’t seem at least a halfway decent compromise. To review, I’m basically saying:

“Good fighters are paladins.
Chaotic fighters are barbarians.
Lawful fighters are monks.”

And it’s kind of okay because we’re talking about NPC factions.

These guys can be stereotypes because stereotypes are easy for players to anticipate. They can plan around them.

So, it’s a fair bet that every fighter they encounter is neutral or evil?

That sounds great, actually. Fighters don’t have to think too hard about their alignment. Not NPC fighters, anyhow.

Oh, but you might be wondering about Strength and Constitution.

Well, I may have mentioned this before, but I use Strength and Constitution to help assign an NPC’s gender. If their CON is greater than their STR, they’re female. If STR is greater or equal to CON, they’re male.

After a couple factions, using Strength and Constitution as the basis of any class felt a bit strange — not just because I also used them to determine gender, but because those abilities are important to every class, to varying degrees.

So, I dropped them from my sorting criteria for class.