Last week we had an out-of-towner join us for one game.

Our friend Ian moved to the East coast almost a year ago, and he found himself in Salt Lake for a week. So he rolled up a Rogue and joined us for the evening.

As our group was heading out of the dungeon, we spotted him down a side passage, cornered by some yuan-ti. He gave them the slip, and as he was fled toward us — he pointed back at them and he told us they had treasure.

The lead yuan-ti charmed our Fighter and told him he “didn’t need to help the Rogue.” Which kind of backfired because he wanted the yuan-ti’s treasure. He kept walking straight past them to look for the treasure.

And then the other two yuan-ti attacked him. So . . . the charm broke.

We defeated the yuan-ti pretty handily after that — probably a bad idea for the spellcaster to step forward. We made short work of the snake-caster and then finished off the two snake-guards. But . . . we found no treasure.

After that we decided to escort the Rogue up to the surface. Our Fighter and the Rogue worked out a plan to rig a fight and take everybody’s money. Our Fighter lured the town’s mayor away from his office while the Rogue broke in and stole the deeds to the town. I may have helped with an invisibility spell. . .

Since we decided to retire “early” that day (we’d been adventuring less than six hours), and I “invited” my henchmen to be seen playing a card game with me for about an hour. I didn’t take their money, but I made earning the rest of their wage conditional on “beating” me at cards for a while.

While the Rogue and Fighter were taking people for their money, my Wizard was sweet-talking the tiefling we had previously “rescued” from the dungeon. The rigged fight brought in a ridiculous 200 gp if I remember correctly.

So we had the deeds to the town, 200 gp from the fight, and a couple of magic items that the Rogue found while looting the mayor’s office.

In the morning, the alarm spell I had placed on the room where we encountered the drow went off — and we were ambushed by a couple of hellhounds while investigating. We captured a lone drow scout in the ensuing fight.

We were able to confirm the existence of a tunnel to the Underdark, and learned of a drow outpost within two weeks’ journey of the dungeon.

Kind of a big deal.