This is not a post about an Assassin class.

It’s actually about tarnishing reputations. But I don’t blame you if you thought otherwise, I was drawing a direct parallel.

I might never give up on this, even though I probably should.

Social class! Social structure! Reputation, and social interactions! I am incorporating the Reaction roll now, and I’m trying to find ways to play it that don’t obstruct play. Darn it, it’s just that I want concrete mechanics.

Like, if you know a goblin has 1/2-HD or a dragon has 9-HD. I think you should be able to know if a noble has a reputation 4, or a monarch has a reputation 14. Something measurable. Something game-able. Something achievable.

Maybe even something to make Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma count for something even if you choose not to capitalize on them? To some people, these are like, “vanity stats.” If you have an 14 Charisma, it’s a luxury.

It seems kind of arbitrary to have followers limited by your Charisma.

Hit points I get. Weapon attack and damage bonuses I get. Armor Class I get. I mean, you need those. But you can do without them. Followers, though?

That seems more like a resource management puzzle. Kind of like inventory. But while I understand having like, carrying capacity measured by you Strength, “leading capacity” is tied to Charisma?

Okay, I take it back. Maybe it does follow.

But. But! Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution get their own minigame: combat. And I don’t necessarily think that “skills” are the right answer to the question about what to do with the other reindeer.

And it isn’t like Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity are technically necessary to playing any other part of the game. So why should the other three scores be kind of . . . I don’t know? Toothless? Maybe Cultural Anthropology will help me out.

Sometimes, Authority Equals Asskicking, sometimes Asskicking Equals Authority, and sometimes you have a Hero With Bad Publicity.

(Or you have a Villain With Good Publicity.)

You also have like, super-incompetent leaders who know somebody.

It’s almost like you kind of want a network of leads and contacts to represent your fluidity in a society, but not so much bookkeeping, you know? I mean, making attack rolls and damage rolls is easy. Armor Class is easy.

Within a community, a character has family, status, and some prestige.

Obviously, throwing in with a bunch of adventurers might threaten that, but a reputation follows you. We’re talking about worlds where there aren’t as many people. Period. It’s harder not to have a Reputation.

And if you walk around decked out in armor, people take notice.

Reciprocity. Giving and calling favors. Exchanging stuff. There’s something in all of this. I mean, sometimes You Can’t Get Away With Nothin’ because there’s someone in earshot. It’s how supervillain weaknesses get leaked.

Maybe there’s something here:
– Max Followers
– Reaction Modifier
– Contacts
– Favors
– Renown
– Prestige

Something concrete, that could drive people to commit suicide out of disgrace or whatever. You know, that could result in people selling each other out, or viewing each other as “less than human.” A basis for contempt.

If there’s a way to do it without adding more stats, that’s even better.