The first thing I recommend doing after downloading this faction is renaming the file “Chaotic French.” I would have done it myself, but WordPress can be really obnoxious about uploading/replacing files.

PDF Download: 151008_faction_roster

I used the French name generator from Fantasy Name Generators.

This one took me about fifteen minutes to generate scores and alignments, and to assign classes. I’m actually really pleased with how this faction turned out because there’s a great diversity of classes.

This faction is predominantly male, and there are a whopping ten (33%) Chaotic characters. Hence the silly nickname.

There are three Wizards, which is literally the first class I personally look for when I generate a new faction. There are even a couple Paladins, which I find remarkable. This could be a really fun group to develop.

I should say at this point that I’m pretty much rolling these and operating under certain “3e tendencies,” which means if you’re hoping for Warlocks, you’ll probably be disappointed.

There were no natural 18s, and only one natural 3 — Manuel, the Chaotic Sorcerer has a Constitution of 3 at 1st level. Therefore, he has like . . . 1 hit point.

Guard him well.