Obviously it isn’t Friday yet, but I decided to try out the idea early.

PDF Download: 150930_fighters_guild

Here’s a sample faction of the sort I’ve been talking about.

There are 30 NPCs of varying class, belonging to a single guild. I used the Anglo-Saxon name generator from Fantasy Name Generators for the character names.

How to use:
– Get an “NPC” encounter.
– Roll d20 2-3 times on this sheet.
– Fill in the remainder of the group with henchmen.
Voila! Rival adventuring party.

Now, if any of the factional NPCs survive an encounter with the PCs, level them up. If they die in an encounter with the PCs, revive them on a d20 roll of 10+ and level them up. Make sure they return to life with a scar and a grudge.

Each subsequent time the PCs have an encounter with the faction, add a cumulative +1 to the d20 roll to determine who shows up.

If the PCs interrogate a captured, non-henchman NPC, they can learn the location/activity of an NPC one rung higher on the ladder.

(1st level gives up 2nd level, 2nd level gives up 4th level, etc)

If the PCs eliminate the faction leader without taking out everyone in the next tier down (here, the 4th-level NPCs), then one of them will step in to lead the faction. If there are any level-2s left, you’ll get splinter factions instead.

So, this faction’s kind of cool. The leader is a fighter (Cynuise), who probably outlived her predecessor since her Strength score isn’t the best. But she’s 8th level, which means she can wipe the floor with any of her subordinates.

Her lieutenants are a 4th-level wizard (Sigegifu) and a 4th-level fighter (Aylild).

For a fighter’s guild, there are a surprising number of clerics, wizards, and well, other classes like barbarians and sorcerers. It’s a pretty diverse bunch. But it’s a fighter’s guild because fighters occupy a sizable majority (12 in all).