Here’s another fighter’s guild. Now with more fighters!

PDF Download: 1501002_fighters_guild

I decided to add alignment into the procedure — after ability scores, but before classes — because I wanted to see what kind of effect it had on classes.

In this particular case, it had almost no effect.

If you compare the scores, you’ll see that most characters in this case came out with only one good score. For two out of three wizards, that was Intelligence.

In one case, alignment helped me make a choice between fighter and barbarian. But just one. And I’m still not sure that it was the best choice — that character had pretty lousy Dexterity and Constitution scores.

I wonder about that one Lawful rogue though (Chiara). What’s her story?

Oh, I used the German name generator from Fantasy Name Generators this time around, in case you couldn’t tell the names were uh, German-sounding.

Oh yeah, and the deal with the two leaders (Fritz and Marwin)? I figure they’re either brothers or best buds. When I figure out the highest-level character in a group, it’s based on who has the best score in the relevant ability.

Fritz and Marwin both had Strength-16, if you can believe it.

There was one natural 3 (Olaf, 3rd-level Lawful fighter) in Constitution, and one natural 18 (Tanja, 1st-level Chaotic cleric), also in Constitution!