I’m interested in the placement and logistics of megadungeons.

Specifically, I’m interested how many hypothetical megadungeons can be supported by the “region” concept I’m developing. For the moment, my assumption is “one.” You can fit one megadungeon in one region.

Part of my basis for this comes from Skyrim.

For all the extensive draugr ruins, there’s only one that might be called a “megadungeon,” and that’s the Blackreach.

(Some might contest its status as a megadungeon.)

Dark Souls seems to fit the bill a lot better though, and I wonder how well locations depicted in Dark Souls might fit within a “region.”

There’s the Undead Berg (upper and lower), which might be conceived of as a single settlement, complete with the castle. The Fire Keeper shrine is on the outskirts of that settlement, a solitary location.

The ruins of New Londo could be considered a separate location, distinct from the Undead Berg settlement. But definitely a dungeon setting.

Blight Town is also totally a distinct location (and dungeon), as is the Valley of the Drakes. You could probably lump together much of the Darkroot Basin as a singular outdoor dungeon-locale.

Assuming Anor Londo as a distinct settlement beyond the mountains, might either class it as a sort of “extraplanar location,” or perhaps it is merely unreachable by normal passage.

All told, this massive area covers perhaps a mile of sub-hexes.

I mean, that’s just my estimation. I mean, for all of its content, Dark Souls doesn’t really feel that large. I mean, everything is compact (if enormous).

So, there’s something to think about.

Maybe I’ll try to superimpose the Dark Souls world/dungeon map over one of the maps I’m talking about. That would be a visual reference worth having. Yeah.