So, I’ve generated a bunch of these faction rosters.

What I think I’ve started to realize is that there may not be an effective way to get “what a faction does” from “who belongs to the faction.”

Now, it might be totally realistic for the majority of factions to be fighter guilds. I might be willing to accept that if it wasn’t so . . . I don’t know, boring?

Your reality is interfering with my narrative!

No, I need something else that will help me determine what a faction actually does, because I need factions to be more diverse than that. Arguably, there’s nothing to stop a bunch of fighters from starting a thieves’ guild.

That might be more realistic than them starting a fighter guild!

How can both of these apparently opposite things seem realistic at the same time? See, this is my problem. It’s almost like maybe factions should take into account what other factions exist. Like, filling niches and stuff.

So, should it be effectively random, what a faction does?

I mean, maybe a group of fighters has some scrolls and magic items, and they have like one wizard in their company, so they decide to start a mage guild.

And yeah, maybe they are going to be terrible at it.

But I think the important point is that they can’t compete with the existing fighter guild, or the thieves’ guild, so darned if they aren’t going to look for some other advantage. They have skills that need using, and money to be made!

And people make terrible decisions all the time!

So what if there’s only one legit wizard at the mage college? That just means there’s room for a hostile takeover by a group of competent mages!

There’s like, room for plot there!

Am I crazy? Is this crazy? I don’t know yet, but it’s something I’m working on. I still kind of think that a faction roster needs to be determined independently because it isn’t efficient to do it after you’ve decided what guild it will be.

And it seems kind of boring that every fighter guild should be made up predominantly of fighters. I mean, if it’s initially mostly a bunch of wizards, there’s a clear direction for improvement, am I right? It seems kind of silly.

“Real” people suck at math! Optimization is for min-maxers!