TL;DR 3surgence is 3e for people who wanted 5e to be more like 1e.

So I had this idea for a project that could be fairly self-contained. It grew out of some stuff I was already doing. I was making all these characters in rosters and I fiddled with a few things here and there. It was all based out of 3e.

But the reason it was based out of 3e was because ability requirements — while they could easily spell the downfall of your character — are more obvious in 3e than 5e. Let me explain. No, it would take too long. Let me sum up.

A 3e Monk wants Wisdom. He wants Wisdom because it improves his AC. Now, he also wants Strength because that’s what he punches with, and he wants Constitution because that’s where his hit points come from.

But everyone wants Strength and Constitution. So it’s no biggie.

Of course, the 3e Monk also wants Dexterity for his AC. But so does everyone. By comparison, the 5e Monk wants Dexterity and Wisdom. He doesn’t want Strength because he doesn’t punch with it. Constitution is kind of meh, too.

5e, like 4e before it, fundamentally alters the way ability scores function.

And while this is all very interesting, learning a new system of ability scores is kind of tedious. Somehow, scouring the Internet for the old “X bonus to Y stat” threads seems less time-consuming than learning the new system.

Before even thinking about saying I was going to do anything, I went ahead and compiled all the rules I’m going to put into the book from the 3e SRD.

That’s already done. It’s like, 10 pages. I could still cut it down a bit.

In fact, most of what I’ll be doing is removing things. A couple things might like, actually change, depending on how much of the magic system I want to leave intact. Magic is kind of my thing, after all. I might play with it a little.

I’ve spent enough time working on different interpretations of this rule and that rule, and how to model this interaction or that interaction using newfangled mechanics hacked together from disparate systems.

Nah, I need a break from abstract thinking.

I’m going to start with 3e as a base, and cut out all the garbage I know (from experience) makes the game measurably worse from 4e/5e.

It’ll be like if WotC really did make that left turn at Albuquerque.

I’m going to spend a lot of my time here like, actually working on it rather than yammering about what changes I’m going to make (what’s going to be cut), but I’ll try to keep something like a changelog. I have a mental list already.

So yeah, I’m going to go work on that.