Last week our group hit 6th level after some shenanigans.

We had gotten off to a rambling start, trying to pick up where we’d left off the previous week. There was a lot of treasure to divvy up. The week before we cleared a corner of the dungeon in a relatively short time.

There were these yuan-ti, you see.

Our group finished one corner where there had been lots of helmed horrors and animated armors. We’d found explosives and hydra treasure, and it was time to move on. Three more corners to go, you know?

We detected the yuan-ti in a room ahead, and decided to lure them into an ambush in a part of the dungeon we controlled.

Only the big ones came out at first, and I kept my gnomies in reserve to protect our group from a rear attack. When a trio of purebloods inevitably appeared, my wizard charmed them and convinced them their allies had gone berserk.

After we finished off the halfbloods, I told the purebloods I had charmed them and convinced them that unless they moved out of the dungeon, our party would wipe them out. They took it pretty well. They were charmed after all.

I learned from them that there were two more halfbloods waiting in the room beyond, and I told them that once the charm wore off, they would need to convince the others it was time to move.

The halfbloods were down with it. It went surprisingly well.

We helped the yuan-ti relocate to the lakeside where we had found a ruined lighthouse and a boatload of hydra treasure, and we left them a shiny gold snake-shaped ring as a “housewarming” bribe gift.

With the helmed horror corner cleared, and the yuan-ti corner cleared, that left us with two more corners of the dungeon to tackle. Intel from the yuan-ti suggested golems in one corner and gnome cannibals in the other.

My hypothesis was that any golems we encountered were likely placed there by the original dwarf builders of the temple, and thus were guardians . . . perhaps with a control mechanism of some sort.

Also, there was a library. A big one.

Since we were 5th level, I could use a higher-level spell slot to cast Invisibility on two targets, so the plan was to send the Cleric in to see if he could command the golems. Simultaneously, our Ranger and Rogue would both infiltrate under cover of invisibility, looking for any golem controls.

All of our plans worked.

While the Cleric received the grand tour of the library, our Ranger led some other “library assistant” golems on a merry chase around the library, and the Rogue hit the jackpot. We found a lot of treasure. I meant a lot.

Among the items, there were some magic weapons, a staff of frost, a rod of absorption, and a crystal ball of telepathy. The items were all locked up with a warning “in case of emergency.” Of course the warning was in dwarven.

Which our uh, which our Rogue couldn’t read.

That came back to bite us.