I’ve made a few of these character pools now.

I think I’m getting better but I still have some reservations. Rolling up thirty characters at the same time, then distributing classes and whatnot is certainly an interesting experience.

One roster I rolled up yesterday had three 18s: one Strength, one Intelligence, and one Wisdom. Rolling so many characters at once gives you a different kind of appreciation for those high rolls.

Six years ago I would have balked at the idea of rolling individual stats for NPCs, but that was also before I started using online dice rollers and developed a proficiency for spreadsheets and data entry.

Still, I have some concerns.

I’m aware that some character classes are pretty much “Brand Y” to the standard four: Druids are alternative Clerics, Barbarians alternative fighters, and Bards alternative rogues. Warlocks are an alternate Sorcerer if they were needed.

But since these classes are so close to one another, what drives a character to choose one class over another? I mean, other than ability scores?

I’ve always kinda figured that intelligent characters were more likely to be “Principled Neutral,” and that alignments were more for the characters who weren’t smart enough to know right from wrong.

Now I wouldn’t consider alignment exactly helpful for determining a class, especially now that it’s been so divorced from race and class, but it reminds me that alignment can be helpful for solving certain problems. It’s a tool.

Anyway, I think I’ve made about half a dozen of these character pools now, I figure I should make some more just to experiment with the idea some more. I need to integrate a name selection process, though I figured out gender and perhaps race. A majority can be much smaller than I anticipated.

Yesterday, the faction roster I rolled up contained twelve clerics — less than half the full roster, but substantially more than any other class. I’m working on an idea for determining whether a faction is primarily racial (race-based) or social (class-based), but I need to figure out how I’ll assign race first.

Procedures, procedures.