I went poking around the Internet for places I could list my site.

This morning my blog was accepted by Alltop, in the RPG section.

I was a bit dismissive at first because the site warned that submissions can take up to two months for consideration — and after my experience with RPGBloggers (several years without so much as a token response), I was apprehensive.

But Alltop got back to me within minutes. My site should be listed within 24 hours. I’m impressed. I’ll be even more impressed if I get some traffic.

These days, most of my traffic comes from Comic Rocket and TopWebComics. When I say “most of my traffic” I mean, “someone comes by to read the comic about once a week.” Which is nice. Makes me think I should write another.

It’s worth noting however, that my blog was rejected for the “Board Games” and “Gaming” topics. Their rejection form letter isn’t terribly informative, so I’m not sure if I can even resubmit my site for these topics.