Update: Someone posted the same thing on Reddit two days ago.

I may have discovered a bug that allows you to exceed the maximum number of stimpaks your explorers can carry into the Wasteland.

A hazard caused my vault to shut down moments after I ordered an explorer into the Wasteland, at which point he forgot the order and went on “Coffee Break.”

Once the hazard was dealt with, I ordered him back into the Wasteland and stocked him up with another 25 stimpaks. The game is reporting that he has 50, which is twice the maximum (normally 25).

My thought is this: if you order a dweller into the Wasteland from a far corner of your vault, then trigger a hazard before they can exit the vault, you may be able to stack more stimpaks on them than they can normally carry.

Let’s say you rushed a room until its hazard rate exceeded 50%. You could have a dweller in the bottom-right corner of your vault, then order him out: while en route to the vault door, you rush again to trigger a hazard. Your vault shuts down, your room deals with the hazard, and you order the explorer to leave again.

Seems simple enough. Has anyone else experienced this bug?