In the last couple weeks, I’ve tried and failed to complete a retrospective of my work on the Seven States of magic. I’m not sure why I’m having trouble.

This morning I journaled (like you do) about what I was trying to accomplish, and I was reminded that I’ve exceeded the content necessary for a complete game.

I should be cutting stuff out at this point.

So what am I doing instead?

I don’t really know. I continue to develop rules for different aspects of the game — not my game anymore, whatever I happen to be playing at the time.

It’s a little frustrating but it also feels like progress.

So what’s wrong?

My tastes seem to shift before I get anything to publish. I have pages upon pages of notes and numerous documents detailing stuff I’ve been working on over the last few years. We’re talking — finished stuff. What am I missing?

Though I’m loathe to admit it, I think my answer is somewhere in the Intro to Business class I’m taking this summer: I need a mission statement. I need to decide on whatever I’m doing and then do it.

A couple times I’ve tried to convince myself to “just make the game from whatever I have finished” but that doesn’t feel like a satisfactory answer.

I would say I need an editor but I don’t have a book.

More like I need a project leader — I’m like a development team without a lead. It’s frustrating, and it would help explain why I feel like I’m making progress without feeling like I’ve accomplished anything.

I don’t want an “over-designed” product either, which says to me that I should choose a template based on some existing product — replace parts I’ve made different or better, and add things I feel are missing.

Ah, but where to start?

No, I’m kvetching too much now. I know where I want to start. It’s a different starting place than where I was before, but I’m comfortable here — I really wanted to work with 4e D&D. Then I can go back to 3e, where I started.

It should be so simple.

That’s where I start — that’s where I end. Then I move on.

Good talk.