Yeah, I guess I did just kind of disappear for a couple weeks without warning. Right after Finals I just kind of collapsed into an oblivious state of whuh?

I started several posts but didn’t finish any of them. The drafts stare at me whenever I open up the ‘posts’ tab. I don’t tend to “look back” so I probably won’t finish any of them. I’ll eventually work the content into a new post.

Cookiemonger picked up Temple of Elemental Evil on Good Old Games some time back, and I started playing it about a week ago. I played the game before years ago — but that was a different time, and a different PC. (I lost my save…)

I’m playing with the Circle of Eight mod/community patch but it’s been long enough since I played the game I don’t actually know what the differences are apart from the extended level cap (from 10th to 20th level).

ToEE is one of the most faithful adaptations of the 3.5 D&D rules I have ever seen in a video game. I think that’s one of its selling points — and I mean, I was sold.

While 3.5 is an old standby for me because I committed so much of it to memory, this particular module/adventure has had me digging through the 1e DMG. Or, it was possibly Courtney Campbell writing about “stuck doors” at some point that sent me off on a reading binge. I have to say though, eight-foot-wide doors?

Anyway, the game has really helped me scratch a dungeon-crawl itch that I’ve had for several months now. I’m particularly anxious to run one of my own.

I’m working on a Castlevania-esque dungeon crawl for an old friend, and we’ll be broadcasting the results on the interwebs.

There was also the job interview last week, and the summer semester starting next week — things have been kind of hectic and I’m just keeping up.

My son’s turning two in a month. Yikes.