I ran a D&D campaign back in 2008-2009, which was the first time I attached the named “Rumors of War” to anything I did. I later used the name for my comic, which launched in March 2010. (Timing is everything.)

Rumors of War (2008) was the second Greek campaign I ran — the first one was “Mediterranean Plotluck,” which I hosted via Skype earlier that same year — Plotluck had only ended the previous month.

So, I finally added a page for the original Rumors of War campaign.

Slowly, very slowly, I’ve been migrating content from the wikis I maintained for the two campaigns to this site. Partly because there’s a bunch of content just floating around out there that I created, and blah blah consolidation.

Every time I do this, I’m reminded of why it’s taking me such a long time to finish. It’s painful. Not like bad, like the campaign was bad or anything, but the past is painful. It’s weird. It’s also getting harder. Like, more painful.

I feel like I can barely do anything these days without apologizing.

So, I added the page and organized the character information for the PCs and NPCs (all that I had recorded), and revised the summary. It reads better now.

Check it out. You can find it under:
Design > D&D 3e/Revised > Rumors of War (2008)

For now anyway. Until I reorganize the site again.