I have apparently been writing about scope longer than I realized. I guess that’s what happens after you’ve been writing for a few years. Everything feels like it’s been going on forever. My fault for not publishing sooner I suppose.

Tiers for Monsters
Apr 10, 2015
Some things make a monster tougher. Some things make a monster really tough. It’s hard to say exactly which monsters are tougher unless you’ve organized them by threat level. Which doesn’t always correspond to Challenge Rating.

No Level One Monsters
Jul 24, 2014
A dungeon isn’t just a place for monsters, it’s a place for one monster of the appropriate challenge level — otherwise, why bother? A bunch of random bandits don’t take over an abandoned fort, a bandit leader brings them there.

Creature Scale Thresholds
Jul 2, 2014
Why are there monsters for the in-between levels when all you’ve really been doing is increment-ing numbers? Is there really any difference between 1st- and 2nd-level monsters? What if traits or powers were keyed to specific levels?

Monsters and Scope
Feb 5, 2013
Not all monsters are created equal. In fact, merely being from one of the Outer Planes makes a monster a far bigger threat than being from say, over the hill and through the woods. But what makes those bigger monsters bigger threats?

What Is A Scope Even
Jan 4, 2013
A “tier” is consolation for not being a much bigger badass. You’re only human after all. Sure, you might be able to kill a god, but it was mostly just that one time. It isn’t something you do every day. Remember your place, mortal.

Goals and Scope
Jan 25, 2012
We can all aspire to be something bigger than ourselves. Sometimes our PCs actually make it. Most die at 1st-level. That’s just kind of how it is. You can certainly still aspire to something greater, and that’s what matters.