With this screenshot, I’m pleased to announce the planned development of my next game, The Invisible World. Pictured above is the world map.

Development doesn’t officially start until next month but I’m putting together the resources for it now, much as I prepared the resources for Mother of Monsters before it ever actually entered development.

Mother of Monsters is moving along nicely. I have another round of playtesting to do, and there’s some code to clean up. I’ve finished adding things. I still need to record footage for the game trailer. And edit said footage. Sigh.

Hopefully Mother of Monsters will be out of my hands by the time I start work on The Invisible World. I have plans for several more games in rapid succession — I’m aiming to move from one project to the next and build up a small library.

The Invisible World is an open-world RPG — contrasting with Mother of Monsters which is better described as a dungeon crawl. The distinction is important.

Now, I plan for The Invisible World to be more character- and story-driven than Mother of Monsters, though many of the game’s events will be left open for players to interpret. There will be a greater focus on settlements.

This game draws inspiration primarily from Pokemon and Harvest Moon. The narrative will be based on exploration, collecting spells, and defeating rival wizards. Gameplay will be challenging, as before.