Saturday’s playtest of Mother of Monsters went really well.

I’m inclined to say, “almost too well.”

Friday didn’t leave me enough time to prepare an installer so I had to compress the game folder and use that in place of a more conventional installer. I hadn’t thought about it but I’ll want to look into that for distribution.

We ran into a technical issue with one PC that didn’t allow the player to save his game — it may have had to do with the permissions settings on the folder. The other two systems we tried worked just fine.

I brought one USB gamepad with me, which I lent out for the duration of the playtest. I prefer playing most console-style games with the gamepad — and Mother of Monsters is very much like a console-style RPG.

I thought it would be a good idea to have at least one player try it.

Here are some quotes from the playtest:

G: “Back to the village to buy gruel.”
C: “Water will heal you too.”
G: “But, gruel!”

G: “Oh, I found clear mucus!”

H: “That was scary down that way.”

G: “I found a dirty hat!”
C: “I want a dirty hat.”

C: “I awaked the dungeon keeper again.”

H: “You could always run away or light a torch.”

H: “I can’t fight corpses. They’re strong.”

C: “Ah, lightning bolt is awesome!”

H: “Ooh, double chest!”
C: “Double chest!”
D: “Double chest!”
(Double-chest is a thing now.)

H: “Wow, all these people are really depressed.”

H: “They just picked on one person.” (Vipers)
C: “Vipers are the evilest.”
H: “I agree, vipers are the worst.”

H: “We’re off to see the wizard.”

C: “Best worst dungeon ever.”

C: “Keepers. These are new.”
H: “How are they new?”
C: “So far I’ve only fought chickens and cultists.”

H: “I’m gonna go buy berries.”
C: “I thought you were just buying parsley.”

C: “I gotta go on a parsley run.”