Nonsensical title is nonsensical.

Seriously though, I needed a break from Dark Souls. I decided to finally pick up Persona 4 again. The last time I played Persona 4 with any real attention was before I was married. So yeah, like four-plus years.

When I left off, I was about halfway through the Secret Laboratory dungeon. I think my first few hours of play were just reacquainting myself with the rules — plus trying to remember the story threads.

It’s a hard game to just “pick up” and “put down.” Seriously.

So I finished the Secret Laboratory — and let me tell you, it’s a pretty righteous feeling to have overcome that dungeon. It’s been a bugbear of mine for — well, some four-plus years. Not completing that dungeon has kept me from playing.

Also, I’m a different gamer now. 4-5 years ago, I didn’t have the patience for a “grind,” or farming an enemy with a low-encounter rate for a random drop that I needed for a quest to get some other thing. That’s a lot of displacement.

Now though? Man, this game is almost easy.

Actually, I figure there’s more for me to get out of the Persona series since the franchise exploded right around the time I was getting out of it. Now I can look back on its developments and nod in affirmation.

It’s kind of gratifying to see its success.

So where am I now in the game? I’m completing Social Links and rounding up quests. I’ve checked in on a couple walk-throughs to gauge my progress but I’m not aiming for 100% completion. Still, it’s fun maxing out Social Links.

I have to say though, Persona 3 is still my favorite. I liked the cast more — I like the Nanako/Dojima household dynamic and everything well enough, it’s very sweet — but I liked individual characters from P3 more.

I also played P3 first?

See, P3 was new for me, and I really appreciated the references to not just Greek mythology — which I happened to be researching at the time — but some of the more obscure personalities from Greek myths. I felt privileged.

Also, I really appreciated the ending of Persona 3 and consider the events of uh, … any of its sequels which “undo” the events of the ending, “dis-continuity.”

I realize it’s a personal thing. But for me, it’s personal. So yeah.