The next FreeMap post will be tomorrow. I was occupied with some post-production fun on Mother of Monsters and barely made it ’round the ‘Net.

I got my first rejection notice this morning but that’s cool. I’m still putting together media for the project so I’ll just resubmit it in a couple weeks.

I completed my first playthrough of the entire game yesterday. It took me approximately 6.5 hours to kill the things, loot all the dungeons, and reach the game’s level cap (60th). Well, that’s the time on the save file anyway…

At least one dungeon I restarted after making some adjustments to monster attack routines/difficulty. I also wrote some loot tables into the game to add spice to the treasure chests. The only way to get “infinity plus one” gear.

I also created the events which will trigger the optional boss fights. I still have the boss fights to create — but they will be strictly optional encounters.

So there’s that to do.

I think I’ll use my next playtest to capture the footage for the trailer.

Once I have that, I’ll need to edit it together. Good grief, I don’t think I’ve done any video editing since high school.