This fan-trailer might be too epic for its own good.

I know there’s a line between being critical and being unfair, but while I was watching the video I kept wondering to myself what story was being told. At the same time it made me think about the possibilities an actual crossover-versus franchise might have.

Consider for a moment what we’re watching.

Star Wars, a beloved franchise with a fairly linear, self-contained story (however spanning across numerous media), and Star Trek, a beloved franchise rife with alternate histories and multiple dimensions spanning centuries.

I don’t doubt that you could do something like the Marvel/Avengers multi-film crossover universe thingy but you know as well as I do, that no studio has the wherewithal to make any kind of lasting decision or change to either.

For all the potential awesome contained therein, it’d be one massive tease.

You can also enjoy this video for all the fun.