With this screenshot, I’m pleased to announce the development of my game, Mother of Monsters. Pictured is the world map. The colored areas represent encounter regions. Brown parts are mountains. Blue parts are water.

Mother of Monsters is a dungeon-crawling RPG and will feature 10+ unique locations for the player to loot and explore. There’s nothing to prevent a dedicated player from marching all the way to the final dungeon from go, excepting perhaps a glorious ambush by a high-level monster.

I don’t have a ton of details for you at the moment, I’m still putting things together. I’ve completed more than half the dungeon maps and monster encounters. For those of you who are curious — I’m releasing each of the dungeons for FreeMap Wednesdays. (Screenshots! Previews!)

The game draws inspiration from Dragon Quest and early console JRPGs. The narrative is simple and based on exploration. Gameplay is challenging. I have intentions for multiple endings — but I’ll talk more about those later.

Minor Update: I’ve actually finished the first ten dungeons.