Today I finished one of my bonus goals, which was “vendor trash.”

So now there’s totally a bunch of weird cultural references for players to dig whenever a drop comes up. Vendor trash isn’t a guaranteed drop (not like silver/xp) and I haven’t decided if anything can actually be sold yet.

I realize that somewhat defeats the point of vendor trash — then again, there should be more than enough treasure for players to find so I suppose it’s less vendor trash and more uh, … an Easter Egg hunt.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I finished another village.

That’s three so far.

I decided that I don’t really want that much “civilization” so I’m going to aim specifically for four villages/settlements. I mean, goal-wise.

Development for Mother of Monsters has pretty much wrapped up at this point. I want to add two more dungeons and about ten more monsters (plus associated vendor trash), and a bunch of secrets but those are all bonus goals.

Then we go to playtesting and I shop around for distributors.

I realize this might seem really late in development to say something like, “I think I finally settled on the game’s cast,” but this is a story-light game. It’s a dungeon crawl. There isn’t an absence of story — it’s just less important.

Also, I have some ideas about where to go from here but I haven’t settled on anything. I’d like to create a series, but a series of standalone titles.