“Green Dungeon”

As an homage to Dyson’s Delves (which served as inspiration for this project), maps will be filed under the category, “Dither’s Delves.”

Due to some unforeseen (though entirely intentional) significant life changes, I took a break from this project immediately after beginning. But I want you to know I was serious. Here is the astoundingly-titled, “Green Dungeon.”

You’ll need to change the file name to place it in your RPG Maker VX Ace project, to whatever the next unused map number you have in your Data folder.

In some cases it make work better to create a new blank map, changing this file name to match, and overwriting your blank map by dragging this one into the Data folder. RM can be a little weird about copy-pasting files directly.

Included in the folder is a thumbnail showing the basic layout of the entire map, as seen below:

And here are some more screens:

There’s lots of vines and general green-ness…

Treasure chests evenly distributed across the dungeon….

And there are two sets of “up” stairs, which you can replace with stairs going elsewhere, if you like. The events are already there, you’ll only need to change the target location. Every chest is filled with “55” of whatever currency you use.

The joke is a bit obscure. Feel free to change those too.

Everything you see was created using the RTP (Runtime Package) that comes standard with RPG Maker VX Ace, the “dungeon” tileset.

There are no terms of use. You don’t have to give me credit.

If you learned something, good on you.