I have a lot on my mind.

Sometimes that means it takes me longer to reach an otherwise obvious conclusion or realization. Like town halls standing in for villages.

I haven’t played Warcraft in years — I’ve played three of the major RTS releases and some of the expansions — and I know that I’ve considered the idea of town halls actually representing entire villages before. Just not recently.

I’ve also played Age of Empires. Maybe just the second one. I’ve also played uh, a browser version of the first Civilization game. And I mean, I’ve played some other turn-based and real-time strategy games. Obviously, right? Anyway.

I thought about my faction generator in the context of Warcraft’s town halls — then I saw the connection between peons and my “labor” asset — then in the action of upgrading a town hall to a “stronghold.”

Just imagine the sound of little gears in my head.

I already picture a settlement less a monolithic, cohesive unit and more like a sedentary adventuring party composed of (mostly) cooperating factions.

Then I thought of the Terran command centers from Starcraft that could quite literally lift off and relocate as necessary — it’s a little distracting.

But this train of thought brought me to an important realization about how a faction could alternate between being a loose organization and a stationary settlement. Stuff I technically know from my Accounting classes.

I’ve already created a simplified body of assets for factions to acquire and manipulate — labor, goods, favor, magic, land, and lore.

So if I was going to make a minigame for faction management — I think it’d probably be based on worker placement. Just sayin’.

I’m not sure how exactly, but somewhere between the farms and town halls of my faction generator — and the level design of my dungeon generator — there’s a tower defense minigame. Maybe Alex (Cirsova) will have more ideas.

We’ve approached the same idea from different angles. Last month Alex published a series on integrating a tower defense-style siege:

“Statting Defenses”
“Scripting the Scenario”
“Enemy Combatants”
“Factions for Flavor”

It seems as though there are a few important points to hit in a siege/tower defense-style game; attacking and defending units, defensive structures, the battle plans (general scenario), and any secondary objectives.