DSC_12212 by jOuey- on DeviantArt

I have an on-again, off-again love for photography.

I was going to put up a bunch of Anthony Wolff’s (personal website) commercial and digital art, but his photos blew me away.

It’s worth noting that Wolff mixes sci-fi and fantasy in his digital art — which seems to be a common theme among artists I’ve shared thus far.

DSC_10748 by jOuey- on DeviantArt

This reminds me of the long tunnel at the end of Oblivion’s tutorial level. I actually hated that level. But! This photo reminds me of it in a good way.

DSC_9250 by jOuey- on DeviantArt

Some of these photos seriously look like video game screencaps.

DSC_9222 by jOuey- on DeviantArt

Yup. I feel like I’m playing a Bethesda game.

DSC_8415 by jOuey- on DeviantArt

Seriously, don’t you? I almost want to play Fallout 3 again.