“Ten By Ten Cave Room”

10x10 Cave Room

As an homage to Dyson’s Delves (which served as inspiration for this project), maps will be filed under the category, “Dither’s Delves.”

Also, the first entry in this category is an homage to a staple of the traditional D&D dungeon crawl: the 10×10 room.

This one’s a cave.

It has no obvious entrances or exits — partly because it isn’t designed to be a complete thing. And as much as this map is here to troll (and on so many different levels!), it’s here to instruct — this is “the smallest room.”

What I mean by, “the smallest room” is this — it’s the smallest room you want to bother with, whether it’s exploratory, transitional, or whatever use you might put to a room. The map file is 17×13 tiles, the smallest map you can possibly make.

You’ll notice I didn’t fill the entire map.

The floor of the room is actually 7×5 tiles, and with a buffer on the top, bottom, and sides of the map (2 tiles on the top and bottom, 4 on each side), this map will not scroll. When the map loads, you will see everything there is to see.

Maybe all you want is a stairway landing. This is the perfect size.

It’s just large enough for the player to register there’s two staircases (one up, one down) and orient themselves.

It’s worth discussing that in almost all cases, you’ll want your RM maps to move sideways rather than up and down — maps are wider than they are tall.

Everything you see was created using the RTP (Runtime Package) that comes standard with RPG Maker VX Ace, the “dungeon” tileset.

There are no terms of use. You don’t have to give me credit.

If you learned something, good on you.