Hey, I just thought this…
…I’m kind of lazy.
My resolution…
…For New Years’ maybe.

Normally my song lyric jokes are delivered entirely in-person and not left on the Internet for everyone to read — but this one coincided with the idea.

I don’t create resolutions for myself because I set goals and work to accomplish them all the time — I see no reason to make “special goals” for the new year.

Y’all are welcome to continue doing it though.

It does give me cause to reflect on goal-setting as an activity however, and I usually come up with a couple new project ideas.

I considered a few points:

First, despite hosting a webcomic here, my site contains relatively little in the way of “image content.”

Second, game design doesn’t bring in a lot of traffic. (Most of the content I produce doesn’t bring in a lot of traffic.)

Finally, I don’t really have a lot of content with my name on it that can be “shared and discussed.” It’s a lot of ephemeral tweaks and add-ons.

So, what if I came up with an activity that would not only provide visitors with something to look at — but which would also be something for download or distribution that might be recognized outside my site?

Something that improved or expanded a desirable skill would be ideal.

Well, maps tend to be a desirable thing — and whether I know what I want ahead of time or not, I tend to wind up with something viable. Also, I’ve been looking for an excuse to make maps that I don’t necessarily need.

Give the palette a bit of a work-out, you know?

I figured that — let’s say once a week, at least — I could create a map, it could ideally be either a dungeon level or a city quarter — in RPG Maker.

The RM community likes to just — go nuts — with all of its custom sprites and tiles but those are useless without completed maps.

All the custom tiles in the world won’t finish a game for you.

If nothing else, having completed maps to build on should accelerate the disillusionment process game-makers (aspiring or otherwise) go through when they realize ideas mean nothing in light of having no relevant skills.

It’s okay, we all go through it. Pretty regularly, if you’re any good.

And who knows? It might even lead to something.