In the last couple weeks, between the days off from work, I developed a draconian scene-structure system that I will now dismantle.

I might just throw it out completely.

I was so proud of it, and it seems so pointless now.

The basic idea was that each PC has so many “intangible” resources, and by spending or “wagering” these in conjunction with a separate player resource (chips, tokens, etc.), players could acquire the in-game resources.

You’d chip-in, or ante-up, or whatever — and another player could accept it — then you’d have a scene together. It’s just a little… no.

It might be “game-able” but I think it fails to be playable.

Maybe what I’m missing is the compulsory ante/betting structure of actual gambling — I don’t gamble myself and there are a lot of things about it that bewilder me. I’m sure there are parts that I completely misunderstand.

It might just be that I personally don’t understand it — and it makes sense to others?

Pft. After writing this, I feel like a solution is staring me in the face — it felt the same way Friday albeit for different reasons — maybe I should just stay with it another couple days to see if a solution presents itself.